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Nantucket Wrap

Nantucket Wrap

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The Nantucket Brunch Poncho is a MUST-HAVE! Three words to describe this item include: comfortable, versatile, and fits in small bags. Wear to a family event, holiday party, fall festivities, or a football game. There are many options to wearing this versatile feature!

Invasion of privacy! That is the feeling when receiving treatment or having your surgical bandage changed. Couple this poncho with one of our adaptable tanks, and you will regain your privacy when in a public sitting area.

The poncho is versatile; it can position in four ways. 

  1. The opening can come down the center. Next, flip one side over your shoulder; you now have a scarf. 
  2. Center the opening at your spine for a wholly covered look.
  3. Place the opening down the center of your chest for any chest treatment or bandage change.
  4. Last but not least, place the opening on your left or right side and slide to the location of your Port, SHUNT, PICC Line, IV Infusion, or Surgical Site.
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