Our Story

Our Story

-kendrick line- DESIGNS x Stephanie Spitz 

Hi! My name is Stephanie, founder of Kendrick Line Designs (KLD). First off, we want to thank you for visiting our page today!

You might ask yourself? Who is Kendrick? When I was in college, I received the life changing words, "You should never have children, it is not advised." I was crushed. If I would have been able to have a child, he/she was going to be named Kendrick (named after family). To pay homage to the child that I cannot have, I decided to carry on the family name Kendrick. 

The word "Line" stands for "lineage" since many of my health conditions come from this line of my family and "line" in regards to every time one receives medical treatment a "line" is involved.

Of course, "Designs" stands for the "designs" that we're constantly working on to bring you comfortable, adaptable, fashionable, and functional fashion.

What was the inspiration?

The inspiration behind the company's development, is driven by my personal health challenges since birth. Through many operations, treatments, infusion therapy, and now a power port, I has a passion for finding and developing fashionable adaptive equipment because EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL. My personal experiences have guided me in understanding the challenges of going shopping and the anxiety that occurs in finding comfortable, fashion-forward, and adaptive clothing. Looking in a mirror can be heart-wrenching. THAT FEELING IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. The values that Kendrick Line Designs developed include (1) Passionate about revolutionary changes; (2) Love what you do; (3) Creative and Innovative; (4) Genuine; (5) Strive for Excellence, and (6) Premier customer service and EMPATHY. YOU MATTER!



What is the focus of -kendrick line- DESIGNS?

Kendrick Line Designs creates adaptive clothing for beautiful individuals receiving infusion therapy (via a PICC line, power port, IV), receiving dialysis (AV SHUNT), blood infusions, regular blood draws, upper body dressing limitations (Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Lupus, Dysautonomia, + More) or a recent orthopedic surgery limiting movement of the upper body.

Originally, the focus was primarily clothing but we have brought in accessories, including the coming collection of "Joy in the Pain" jewelry focusing on many different medical diagnosis'. Yet, we value how you feel even on those days where internally you feel like you're falling apart we offer blue light glasses & readers to promote migraine health, PLUS bags equipped to carry medical supplies, and so much more!

Kendrick Line Designs is more than a brand. Our mission is to create a community through encouragement, strength, comfort, and clothing designed for "YOU".